I – sekreterare

What are your tasks?
As an international secretary, the task is mainly providing international student(both degree students and exchange students) with help. These kind of help can make them adapt to student life in Sweden much easier.

Why should one apply for your position – what is fun about it?
If you want to know more people from the whole world, you should apply for this position. The most interesting thing during the work is to see the students you take care, they are getting used to the new life, and finally they don’t need your help anymore, that’s quite a great sense of achievement.

How much times goes into your position?
The time demanded by this position is quite depended by how much you want to work for the international students. The basic requirements of this position, is help the international students solving their problem, that’s doesn’t demand a lot of time. But if you want to make them more closer with the chapter activities. You need keep patient and always invite them. Sometimes you need to come up with some ideas to draw their attention. That’s would be much more time cost.

I have only done the basic requirement in the past half year.

Do you have suggestions for what the next secretary could do?
If you choose to become the international secretary, make sure you have enough patience and enthusiasm. My personal suggestion to the next international secretary is try to become friends with maybe one or two i-student first, and then bring them to the section activities. If they feel good, they will tell their friends, and then more people would come. And make sure you can show in the reception both hold by Anders Eliasson(For degree students) and ITM school(For exchange students), this is the best way to know the i-students. Otherwise it’s even quite hard to know them.

Wang Shule , I-sekreterare 16/17